February 10, 2018

Kenny Sikes and Jim Nowak played the 1st round of golf on Feb 10, 2017.

Today marks our 1 year anniversary of The MOC being open for business. When we first took over we had the vision to rebuild the golf course and facility to make it one that everyone could enjoy. In the next few weeks and months we will be continuing to improve the facility.

On the golf course we will be adding an Orange tee that will play to a distance of 3725 yards to open our course to all golfers. We encourage all golfers to find the right tee for them for enjoyment and ability.

The bridal suite will be completed over the next couple of weeks so that we can start hosting weddings as well as other catered events.

We will finish the exterior of the clubhouse to include the fountain, recarpeting the entry ways to the clubhouse, as well as in the future fixing the back patio and the clock tower.

There seems to be some activity on the sites out front as there are supposed to be clearing the land very soon.

We thank everyone for your support and it’s always a great day to golf the MOC.