Friday the 27th of January

We wanted to keep you in the loop of how things are progressing. In May we purchased the golf course and set out a goal of improvement to the facilities both inside and out.

On The Course

Our golf course superintendent, Andy Roberts, started in late August.  Andy came from River Hills Country Club and Bloomingdale Golfers club as the head superintendent of 2 facilities.  We have known Andy since he started in the industry at the age of 16.

The start of the golf course renovation began with the pump house and irrigation system.  The pump station underwent a major overhaul that started in mid May.  Three pumps were completely rebuilt,  The intake line was cleaned of all sand and debris and we added a new intake screen which will help from any debris from entering the intake line and wet well.

The irrigation boxes were replaced with E Osmac controllers.  The new boxes allow us full access to set irrigation run times remotely from computers and/or phone.  These boxes were installed along with the LYNX irrigation software, which is the most up to date irrigation software on the market.  Along with new controllers and computer software we replaced 350 sprinkler heads that were not functioning properly or completely. One of our main goals is to continue working on sprinkler heads bordering the property lines to keep heads adjusted and from hitting homes surrounding the property.  If you live on property and a sprinkler head is hitting your home please email Andy, our golf course superintendent, at and let him know.

Greens–  We re grassed greens with Tif- Eagle Bermuda grass.  We sprigged in late August and have full coverage on all greens.  Number 5 and 7 are a little behind the rest of the greens which is why you will notice a light top dress of sand to help maintain a smooth putting surface.  We are currently mowing at .110 and greens are stimping a 10.5′.

Tees and Fairways –  We  regrassed all tees and fairways with celebration Bermuda.  We started grassing September 6th and are still fine tuning a couple of them throughout the back 9, but are all 90% coverage.  Celebration is a very aggressive growing turf which will help the balls sit up for great lies and quick divot recovery.  We have eliminated the majority of the weeds on all fairways aside from some breakthrough in 13 and 15 fairways.  To eradicate these weeds we our spraying aggressively every 5 days and have eliminated the bulk of them.

We have improved the cart path surfaces as they are actually 8′ feet wide. All of the holes have been filled in with crushed shell and will continue to compact over time.

Whats to come-

The MOC is improving daily and will continue to do so.  We have and will continue our cultural practices to maintain and improve turf conditions.  We have plans to continue improving the club with a regrassing all collars, laser leveling driving range tee and all crowned tees throughout the property, cart path repair, and eradicating weeds in the rough this spring.