Golf Course Update and Aeration schedule

Update May 17

We have now laser leveled 70,000 square feet of teeing grounds at The MOC. We have sodded our tee boxes by the sign on every hole that had been laser leveled. We are currently sprigging the rest of the tees and should be done with our grow-in by mid July as long as Mother Nature cooperates.  We are currently verticutting fairways to create a better rough coverage as we have killed almost all of the weeds that had taken over the course. As we continue to water in the rest of the tees we will be cutting them down to be able to provide a great playing surface. Our greens are the some of the best around and our fairways are up there with them. With the dry condition the course is truly great. For the Month of MAY we are running a special of $29.50 plus tax before 12:00 and $24.50 after 12. $21.00 plus tax after 3:00pm . This is our renovation special .

We will be aerating our greens on Monday and Tuesday May 22 and 23. The front nine will be done Monday and the back nine on Tuesday. We are using 1/4 inch tines to pull cores out, blow off the cores,  then we will verticut, topdress, brush the sand , and then roll the greens.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to improve everyday as our goal is to be one of the best on the gulf coast of Florida.