Sunday January 29th

Andy and have staff have been working really hard to get the golf course in exceptional shape. We have given a few tours of the property to give an inside look and the facility is morphing into one of the premier must plays on the west coast of Florida.

Inside the clubhouse Andy and Pedro are getting the kitchen ready for health department inspection and the electrician is working on getting all of our issues behind us bringing the facility into a great working facility so there are no hiccups once we open. The fire safety system should be completed tomorrow morning and called for inspection as well.

We have replaced all of the air conditioning units so the clubhouse will be a great comfortable area to come in and relax for a meal, a drink, or just a place to come hang out. Wifi has been installed as Verizon performed a miracle and ran close to 2500 feet of cable bringing FIOS to the building. DirecTV has installed the satellite dish as well as the boxes and we will be installing the Televisions as well.

Special thank you to Nate Ditchfield for having The MOC on the radio show and we look forward to hosting a live show in the near future.

Thank you for your patience and we will continue to update with information moving forward.