Aerification Special April 30th – May 4th.

We are running an aerification special from April 30th to May 4th for $25 for greens fee and cart for all the golf you can play.

On Monday April 30th and Tuesday May 1 we will have nine holes open each day for play. We are having to do an earlier aerification than we previously would have liked due to compaction which has created a struggle with our greens. The drier conditions have created the compaction and with the recent rainfalls our greens had not been able to absorb the water we desparately needed. We are known for our great greens and this will enable them to be even better.

We will be using 1/4 inch tines for the aerification which will be minimally invasive, followed by a verticut. We will then top dress with fresh clean sand and drag to fill up the holes to fill them to the top. The recovery time on the greens will be very fast as these are the very small holes.

Thank you for understanding

MOC Management