Golf course update

We wanted to give everyone an update on course conditions. The golf course seems to continually receive heavy rainfall on overly saturated ground which is just sitting and not draining at all. We have always had a few areas with poor drainage but now everything is waterlogged. It has been almost ten days since we have been able to mow some of the fairways and 7 days since we have been able to mow rough. Equipment has been getting stuck and to continue right now we would be doing more harm than good to the golf course. We tried to open a few days last week and were open on the weekend but as the rain continued to fall golfers were emphasizing that the golf course was unplayable as they were sinking while walking from the cart path to the fairway. Balls were being lost from plugging. We do not want to put out a product that is “sloppy” and not what we know as golf. We want The MOC experience to be enjoyable and right now it is not. 

Thank you for your understanding